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Warranty terms and conditions

These warranty terms and conditions are applied only to our products purchased directly from imcth Co., Ltd.
Our OEM products are subject to the warranty terms and conditions of the distributor’s
・We will exchange parts free of charge in cases of
(shipping costs at our expense):
1.damages, deformations or defects in parts at the time you open the kit
2.defects while in use with following the instruction manual
・We will provide parts for a charge in cases of
(shipping costs at customer’s expense):
1.defects or damages due to customer’s mishandling.
2.defects or damages due to inappropriate storing or maintenance.
3.defects or damages due to a disaster such as fire and earthquake.
・We will NOT exchange parts in cases:
1.Failures caused by making mechanical or electrical modification, remodeling or decomposition with your self-responsibility.
2.Failures caused by ordering a third party for mechanical or electrical modification, remodeling or decomposition with your self-responsibility.
・Other terms and conditions
*For initial failures, we will exchange defective parts with the same or equivalent parts.
*Exchanging parts may take from several days to two months depending on stock status.
*These warranty terms and conditions are valid only in Japan.
・Request for aftermarket parts
Contact us by email.
Contact info is available on Support page.

※Please have the Product Number written on the instruction manual handy.

Our response to desktopZERO’s deftcts

 We have received various comments and suggestions regarding the behavior or specifications of the desktopZERO. For your reference, we share such comments and our responses to them below.
We value our customers’ feedback and try our best to make continuous improvements to produce better products.

White metal parts sometimes don’t fit neatly each other.

Due to production reasons, white metal parts may have unwanted burrs or uneven edges.
Please first remove such burrs carefully, then sand off contacting faces with #400 sandpaper or similar. Then test fit the parts before gluing.
It often needs more careful attention than making a plastic model, but we hope you enjoy weight and luster that only a metallic model can produce.
However, some parts may be defective and therefore not usable.
In such a case please contact the support desk for free replacement.


It is difficult to bend photo etched parts properly.

Some photo etched parts are provided pre-bent,
but you still need to bend some parts at a right angle or according to drawings along half-etched line.
We understand that you find it difficult in making a fine adjustment or even in bending parts itself.
Please bend parts with extra care until you get used to it.
Do not bend too many times as this will cut the part.
Bend it little by little, checking the angle.


Can I order additional parts if I break or lose them?

Yes, you can.
Please contact the support desk.


Are you going to sell desktop ZERO again?

Yes. We are planning to start taking orders in April, 2013.


There is a missing part in the kit.

We are very sorry. Please let the support desk know the part number. We will immediately send the part free of charge.


Are you going to sell the option parts again?

We are planning it as requested by many. We will notify when we start taking orders through our website and direct mails.


Are you planning to release any new models following desktop ZERO?

Yes. We started taking orders for our new model, desktop MUSTANG, from Feb 15, 2013. It’s a model of the North American Aviation’s P-51 Mustang.
And we will release more models.


Can you issue a receipt?

Yes, we can.
Please contact the support desksupport desk by phone or email.


The instructions are partially garbled.

We are very sorry. It may be printing failure.
Please contact the support desk. We will immediately send new instructions.
You can also download them from our website.


I want to buy a display case.

Thank you for your comment. We will consider it although we have no plans for it right now.


It is disappointing that the landing gears are not retractable.

We decided to make them non-retractable after considering the strength of white metal and difficulty of assembly.

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