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Features Place to decorate Assembling method The Upgraded Parts
See the beauty of the structure.
Displayed by our fine structure model.
Cars and aeroplanes are made by humans. We generally see only their polished appearance and often fail to realize the fact that their inner structure is even more beautiful.
These vehicles were built on a pursuit of the highest possible machine performance.
They were designed with cutting-edge technology in order to meet various requirements such as speed, safety, fuel consumption and attack capability.
Their structures, displaying wisdoms and creativity, are beautiful shapes where waste and inefficiency have been eliminated to give function.
We wanted to precisely express this kind of structural beauty.
Our challenge was to realize two contradictory concepts – being easy to put together while being precise in expressing structure.
This is our new concept model that we propose.
We elaborately reproduced the structure of a 震電 Shinden. Its beauty can only be expressed through its structure.

Features Place to decorate Assembling method The Upgraded Parts
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