Zero fighter

Zero fighter

週刊 零戦をつくる
Number of parts More than 700 parts
Size Scale:1/16
Material White metal、Aluminum、
die cast、etc

“The legendary wings” – a supreme model.

We reproduced a feeling of heavy metal, evocative of the aeroplane.
Also reproduced are movable features such as wing tips and the main undercarriage.

What is the A6M2 “Zero” Model 21?

“Zero” fighters are the most notable types of fighter aircraft that were active during the Pacific War. The first Zero model was developed as a successor to the Mitsubishi A5M of Japanese Navy. The prototype was complete in 1939, then officially adopted by the Navy in July, 1940. For the next five years more than 10,000 Zero fighters were manufactured until the war ended in 1945.
The Model 21 was the first Zero fighter. It came into use around the time of the outbreak of the war and delivered superior performance. The Zero played a significant role in battles including its debut in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the invasion of the Philippines, contributing to Japan’s many victories at the first phase of the war. In a sense, the Model 21 represents Zero fighters in their most glorious days.

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